Friday, May 29, 2009


ocean moonrise, july 2007
major fatigue is setting in. i think all the sleepless nights are catching up. by the end of the day i'm tired and quite fragile emotionally. i don't know if it's all this unravelling business which i'm thoroughly enjoying but man, it makes you dig deep. there are so many other things going on with family and friends too. i think that is starting to take a toll on me. i am so ready to get away from it all.
my husband came home tonight and told me that he may not go on the family vacation this year. some major things are happening at work that he feels he needs to be present for and vacation is getting in the way of that. needless to say that was dissappointing. i felt so deflated because spending family time together is so important to me. i'm a quality time girl. he made the proposal of driving down and spending a few days and then flying back. i will have to take what i can get at this point.

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Javajune said...

Hi Amber, I think I can echo some of your feelings with the unravelling fatigue.
I hope your hubby's work situation changes and he can enjoy a vacation with you. I had just listened to a radio show that was discussing that more people than ever will give up their vacation this year because of the current economy and job instabilities.

I so glad you stopped by my blog. I'm not so sure that my readers other than fellow unravellers understand my unravelling posts. They probably just think I'm losing my mind but that's okay.
Have a great monday!