Tuesday, May 05, 2009


photo taken Nov 2008 on the way home from Colorado

I am really good at making things difficult when in reality it's all so simple. I've been stressing over my camera and wondering if it's good enough. Scared that there are all these fabulous photographers using high-tech DSLRs. I was moaning and groaning to my husband last night about our digital camera when in fact I should be grateful that I even own one. After I read today's post about the suggestion that you could even use your camera phone, I relaxed a little. I was getting in a tizzy over the unimportant. What's sad is that I do this more than I care to admit. It was passed down to me from my mom. I can see signs of this being produced in my eldest child. I've got to break the cycle.

I've got to set my priorities though. S reminded me that we have refund money but I really need to get a dresser and some nightstands for our master bedroom. This is on "the List".

I'm so glad for Susannah's calm relaxed atmosphere she created in her post today. Stating that we are all different but we are starting in the same place. Love that!

We're heading to Colorado today for a last minute trip to the in-laws. It's more business and no play but I'm hoping the change of scenery to lift the spirits.


Du Fu (杜甫) said...

I just found you while slowly exploring the Unravelling blog roll. I've been worrying about my camera, too. Your post calmed me a little.

Small Glimpses said...

Great post!!

I love this photo. Have a great time in Colorado. I've made that trip through the beautiful plains of Kansas a number of time, too, to visit family.

Ashley Brooke said...

You are not alone with the tendency to make things difficult.... i am the same way. It certainly makes life more challenging but its what makes me me and you you!

Katie said...

another unraveller!

oh don't stress over the camera. it's what's on the other side of it (you) that counts!! while I did splurge with my refund last year on my DSLR, i really don't know how to use it all that well and I'm not going to carry it everyday.

and well, I splurged TODAY on two new film cameras, but the whole lomography concept (lomography.com) is about leaving many things to chance. Their 10 "rules" include: always carry a camera, shoot from the hip, don't think just shoot.

While I'll be thinking about the exercises, I hope to loosen up on the perfectionism and how hard I am on myself about not being better at photography than I am. I think that's what this course is about - using it as a tool, not trying to perfect our photography skills.

Look forward to getting to know you more!

k8et (k8et.com)

Brandy said...

You are not alone at all. I've been feeling the same way about this project.
Susannah is completely right, we need to stop stressing and just shoot.
I even used my dodgy cellphone camera yesterday!

everyday graces said...

Katie: I've considered using our refund for a DSLR but I really need some bedroom furniture. Choices...

Brandy: I thought about using my cellphone camera too once I figure out how it all works. I've been using a dinosaur of a cellphone and just recently replaced it w/a motorola razr. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement!