Monday, May 04, 2009

1st step

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ~Confucius

I've been thinking, more like obsessing, over this unravelling journey. I've considered how I'm going to take all the wonderful photographs that I want to take. Do I use my Nikon SLR? This would entail the cost of film and development and the time that takes BUT I would probably get some really nice shots. Or do I use the digital camera that is leaning toward the side of horrid. It takes bad flash pictures usually washing everything out and it has a delay that is maddening. It's pants! Maybe I'll do half and half. I just don't know. I really want this to be a quality experience for me.

I was a little stressed today. I have a little guy that's under the weather and we went to the doctor today. It's viral so we just have to ride it out. My baby girl is showing signs of the sniffles but it could be teething. Needless to say I didn't get a whole lot done today besides holding my boy and my baby. I'm worried that life is going to get in the way of keeping up with the course work. I'm going to have to find a new way...slow present...keep my camera available.


bel said...

Hi Amber, its Bel here from your Unravelling class. I have similar feelings to you. I just went back to work full time after being on maternity leave for 9 months, so I share your worries about not being able to spend the time I would like to on the course. I've decided to just take each day at a time and try and designate 2 evenings per week to focus on my photography and journalling etc (If I get more thats great but at least I won't place too much pressure on myself). Your final sentence was a great reminder to me though. Slowing down and being present is something I'm working very hard on!
P.S Good on you for doing something for yourself. I have made a point of finding things that I love and being creative again and it has made such a difference to my life. So I'm sure great things will come of this for you too!

Small Glimpses said...

When I saw your WONDERFUL photo in this entry I just smiled. How delightful. Those little feet and legs...beautiful. I started stressing yesterday, too. I thought about the assignment, when it's due, getting the photos into Flickr. Would my photos look okay?

I so appreciate your honesty and vulnerability and it calms me to see those precious little feet and legs of your young one. Thanks for posting this photo.

(Go Okies!!)