Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I'm here in Colorado and I'm smiling from all the blog love. I love the feeling of community I'm getting from like-minded folks! Yay for digging deeper and using our cameras to do so! Growing up I always felt a little out of place in my group of friends because the things I liked, you know the really meaningful, important stuff like taking a million pictures because that's who I am, didn't always jive with them. I was the one who never forgot her camera. I didn't always feel that they "got" me. That photographing life was part of who I am. I felt a place of belonging once I went to college and stuck my toes in the art department and journalism department. I wanted to be in as many classes that involved a camera as possible. I even tried the technology department which was rather useful. Lots of dark room developing which is where part of my passion lies. I went to an estate sale once and found a dark room built in the person's garage. They were selling all the equipment! I wish I would have taken that opportunity to snatch it up and save it for a future "rainy day". But I digress. Needless to say sometimes I look back and wish I took a different path in college. Why didn't I go somewhere that offered photography as a major? Why did I choose marketing? Why didn't I just go for the gusto and double major in marketing and art? I think I was scared. Scared of what it meant to put myself out there in some form of art. So instead I minored in art and just dabbled here and there. I think I didn't trust myself to be good enough. Good enough for me. Good enough for all the critics and critiques. I'm learning to let that go. We all can offer a different perspective. I'm already blown away by the diversity of the group flickr pool. I can't wait to see where this takes me! What a journey :-)

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