Sunday, May 03, 2009


I am beyond excited about the journey I'm about to take. I've been checking my inbox with a slight bit of obsession as I wait for Susannah's email to arrive announcing all the details. 8 weeks of diggin' deep which may be a stretch when I'm dealing with dirty diapers, dirty dishes, and dirty laundry 24/7. But I need this. I need to do a little something for me. I'm ready to to connect with others and reconnect with myself through the process. As I sit here, I chew on my pinky fingernail giddy with schoolgirl excitement!


kompoStella said...

hullo there -
found you on the (massive!) unravelling blog roll. i totally share your feeling of excitement about what is ahead!
looking forward to unravel with you :-)

Ashley Brooke said...

looking forward to taking this journey along with you!

Carla said...

hi! likewise excited and scared about unravelling. but away we go - yay!